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Bridging Aid III and give the go-ahead for a

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What is eligible?

  • Marketing and Advertising Expenditure

  • Digital signage projects


Up to what amount is funded?

  • max. in the amount of the corresponding expenses in 2019

  • max. subsidy of 1,500,000 euros per funding month

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Who is Eligible?

Companies with:

  • a turnover of up to 750 million euros (in 2020) and

  • Drop in sales of at least 30% in the funding month compared to the corresponding month of 2019

Organizing the Calendar

When does the application period end?

  • End of the application period: August 31, 2021

  • Funding period: November 2020 - June 2021 (invoicing)

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All requirements, framework conditions and further information can be found on the BMWi website:


as well as detailed advice from your trusted tax advisor.

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