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The kitchen cabinet door becomes interactive with Android-based smart home technology. The Smart Kitchen conjures up cooking videos, Internet TV and many other attractive apps on its smart surface at the touch of a finger or voice control. It offers a connection to smart kitchen appliances and consumer electronics via Bluetooth or W-LAN. Its built-in camera enables skyping and chatting, and the integrated microphone offers perfect voice control. Developed precisely for the compact oven cabinet, its high-quality black glass surface adapts perfectly to common kitchen appliances. The storage space is retained, the display function is invisible when switched off.


√ Effortless connection to the smart home control

√ Android based system

√ Integrated camera, microphone and speaker

√ Internet access W-LAN or LAN


√ Connection of external devices via Bluetooth

√ Voice control & touch screen

√ Storage space is completely preserved

√ Steam & splash proof

Kitchen Smart

€2,600.00 Regular Price
€1,950.00Sale Price

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