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Mues-Tec Smartspiegel listed under the TOP21! 🏆

The Smart Mirror - introduced as THE clever design object on GADGETRAUSCH!

In its current list of Christmas gifts for technology fans, the blog GADGETRAUSCH also presents the Mues-Tec smart mirrors among its TOP21 selection!

"All true smart home fans will already know the smart mirrors. This everyday object now becomes an interactive information panel. With a touch-sensitive surface, various options can be selected. The product is specially designed for damp and wet rooms, so it copes well with the bathroom. Connected via WLAN or LAN, the weather report can be checked directly while brushing teeth."

Author: Laura Rockmann

We thank Gadgetrausch for this great post! If you are also still looking for the perfect Christmas gift, you can learn more about our smart mirrors HERE!

Or get inspired by our picture gallery 😉


✔️ Fun in the bathroom with access to the Google Play Store® and a huge app selection

✔️ Smart Home products can be controlled centrally even while brushing your teeth

✔️ Everything in view despite smart functions thanks to integrated Magic Mirror effect

✔️ Perfect light for every situation

✔️ Safe to use thanks to safe operation (12 volts) and certified design

✔️ No need to sacrifice a razor-sharp and ultra-bright image even when half asleep

✔️ Voice control and touchscreen ensure intuitive operation

Get your smart home highlight conveniently and easily at home.

Benefit from

⚜️ Professional Consulting

⚜️ Premium Delivery

⚜️ German Quality

You would like to learn more about our Smart Mirror?

We would also be happy to present our products to you in person!

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