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Google, Google on the wall: What am I wearing tonight? 🧐 Mues-Tec Smart Mirror in STERN Magazine!⭐️

We are beyond happy about this great article about our Smart Mirror in STERN! 😍

Smart mirrors conquer kitchen, bedroom & wardrobe

In his article, Stern author Axel Palm examines in a well-researched and beautifully formulated way the extent to which smart digital mirrors can be integrated into our everyday lives and whether their existence is justified.

"In return, they [note smart mirror] convince with functions that are familiar to most users of tablets or smart speakers."

In the article, you can also read about the different areas of application for smart mirrors and in which living area a digital mirror would make the most sense for you.

Learn more about our products!

Do you already know the difference between Smart Mirror and Mirror TV?

Read our article Smart Mirror vs. Mirror TV and learn more about the various possibilities we offer you at Mues-Tec!

Experience one of our Smart Mirrors live and in action and combine this experience with an exciting afternoon at the German Museum Nuremberg!

Smart Mirror in German Museum Nuremberg

In the interactive future exhibition, you can not only examine the smart mirror as a trend object with a promising future, but also operate it yourself.

You would like to learn more about our Smart Mirror?

We would also be happy to present our products to you in person!

Mues-Tec GmbH & Co. KG


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Get your smart home highlight conveniently and easily at home.

Benefit from

⚜️ Professional Consulting

⚜️ Premium Delivery

⚜️ German Quality

Our portfolio offers high-end products for every taste and application:


✔️ Fun in the bathroom with access to the Google Play Store® and a huge app selection

✔️ Smart Home products can be controlled centrally even while brushing your teeth

✔️ Everything in view despite smart functions thanks to integrated Magic Mirror effect

✔️ Perfect light for every situation

✔️ Safe to use thanks to safe operation (12 volts) and certified design

✔️ No need to sacrifice a razor-sharp and ultra-bright image even when half asleep

✔️ Voice control and touchscreen ensure intuitive operation


✔️Each mirror TV a high-quality unique specimen - true to size according to your specifications.

✔️ Optionally waterproof or with chimney

✔️ Always in the right light thanks to integrated LED lights

✔️ Limitless TV entertainment thanks to smart function (integrated tuner & smart TV box)

✔️ Always the right decision: Magic Mirror or Chrome Mirror - the added value remains

✔️ Certified design & 12-volt operation ensure absolutely safe entertainment pleasure

✔️ Made in Germany - shipping worldwide

AQUA TV (for kitchen & bathroom)

✔️ Relaxation pre-programmed with Smart TV (integrated tuner & Smart TV Box).

✔️ Ultra-bright and razor-sharp picture even in a bubble atmosphere

✔️ Wellness guaranteed by safe (12 volt) & certified design

✔️ Waterproof remote control for bath and shower

✔️ Problem-free integration into any interior thanks to safe wall installation

✔️ No break in bathroom style - mirrored or matching fixtures and furniture

We are looking forward to your projects and a successful cooperation!

Mues-Tec as Premium-Partner on Houzz & Archello

We are pleased to announce that we are now also available as a premium partner on the expert platforms Houzz & Archello!

More information HERE!

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