The Smart Mirror combines the characteristics of a high-quality mirror with the technical advantages of a computer. Settings of the daily information offer can be made playfully and adapted accordingly. The Smart Mirror thus becomes a personalized information carrier and offers targeted news about the weather, road traffic or the financial venues of the world.

√ Connection easily to your Smart Home
√ With motion detection system
√ Android based system
√ Integrated speakers

√ Built-in camera (can be switched off)
√ Internet access WiFi or LAN
√ Connect to external devices via Bluetooth
√ Voice Control & Touch Screen

Mues-Tec presents a breathtaking Mirror TV in its comprehensive Frame TV-Series. It's huge selection of frames compliments any room dècor and ambience.

Naturally, the decorative televisions are also a available frameless.

The mirrored Frame TV is infotainer and attractive eye-catcher for every room. The up to 55-inch TV is hidden behind high-quality mirror glass. The bright LED screen with wide viewing angle presents a brilliant TV picture when switched on. When switched off, it turns into a luxurious mirror.The TVs are framed as desired, simple, elegant or as an expressive eye-catcher.

√ Integrated triple tuner and CI slot
√ Integrated speakers
√ Additional digital audio outputs
√ For the living- and bedroom

√ Beautiful wooden or stainless steel frames
√ TV not visible when switched off
√ Compatible with all standard wall mounts
√ Full-HD image resolution (1080P)

As a mirror on the wall, it combines a brilliant picture with great entertainment and elegant design. 


Always a unique and bespoke, you determine both the TV and the Mirror size. 


An optional frame rounds off this gorgeous Mirror TV.

One mirror - two functions. While the mirror is decoratively integrated into the interior, the integrated television - as soon as it is switched on - provides the best entertainment and information. In Off mode, the TV screen remains completely invisible. In terms of mirror size and TV placement, the product range is tailored entirely to the wishes of our customers and planners.

√ Made custom according to your wishes
√ Available in 4 different mirror types
√ Integrated triple tuner and CI slot
√ Integrated speakers and digital audio output

√ Waterproof remote control included
√ Optionally with LED lighting
√ TV disappears 100%
√ Made in Germany


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With its Smart Mirror solution, Mues-Tec is one of the best products in the Smart Home & Service category.

In the study “Germany's Most Popular Products & Services” , the FAZ Institute analyzed over 87 million customer statements.

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