My bathroom can do more than washing, combing, brushing teeth!


With apps over the sink and nonstop entertainment in the bathtub and shower, it makes my day perfect.

A look in my smart mirror, a tap on its touch screen and I know what awaits me today.

And when I relax at night in my tub, soaking in bubbles, my mirror entertains me - with my favorite movies or music.

The bathroom TV series from Mues-Tec has been specially developed for use in wet areas.

Whether above the bathtub or in the shower, the TV not only impresses with its wide range of applications, but also with its variety of designs.

Available in various size and shapes, the Mirror TV from Mues-Tec combines modern technology with a desirable lifestyle in superior quality and craftsmanship.


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Source of Smart Home Technology – Creator of the Smart Mirror – Waterproof Electronic Devices.

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With its Smart Mirror solution, Mues-Tec is one of the best products in the Smart Home & Service category.

In the study “Germany's Most Popular Products & Services” , the FAZ Institute analyzed over 87 million customer statements.

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