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Smart mirrors are a new generation of mirrors that have an integrated display and computer functions, making them a versatile device that can perform various functions beyond just displaying images.



Technical innovation meets classical design

Discover the new way of digital communication


From off-the-shelf models to customization

We can bring your designer's plans to life. We work according to your plans and are happy to advise you on any questions you may have. Our goal is to provide you with a mirror that offers an efficient working experience.

Connect to your local IPTV system without the need for an additional set-top box. With our proprietary MARLO® Mues-Tec software, you don't have to connect any external or built-in set-top boxes, saving you money.


If you're looking for a turnkey solution for your hospitality application, you've come to the right place. We offer an unparalleled solution for integrating and supporting digital elements in bathrooms, suites, or elevators.

Our modern solutions provide an elegant look with built-in TVs in the shower or wall, as well as mirrors with proximity sensors and touchscreens. Our digital signage is an absolute eye-catcher.

Whether it's installation, implementing new ideas, or technical support, we take care of everything for you and help you handle everything in a professional manner. This allows you to focus entirely on the essential: offering your guests the best possible service.


Smart technology and product solutions for the hotel industry

Replace existing hardware - we can replicate your existing bathroom and mirror TVs to save costs and reduce on-site work - saving you money and time.

Connect to your local IPTV system - without the need for additional set-top boxes, our proprietary MARLO® Mues-Tec software eliminates the need to connect external or built-in set-top boxes - saving you money.

Use your trusted hotel TV brand - we understand the benefits of using regular hotel TVs. We design the mirror TV with and for your hotel TV, making integration and support easier.

From off-the-shelf models to customization.

Mues-Tec offers innovative solutions that align with constantly evolving customer expectations and requirements.

Contact us to find out how Mues-Tec's excellent product offerings and expertise can help elevate your hotel to the top of the market.

In the end, you will have a clear idea of the numerous possibilities and ideas that can help strengthen your brand.


Why Hospitality TV?



Our guarantee: We will stay within your budget without compromising on the design.


The Android based operating system enables the use of various apps and functions which you may use and which will accompany you in your everyday life.

The 10 point capacitive touchscreen allows the intuitive use of this interactive Smart Mirror.

The built-in splash-proof speakers ensure the use in wet areas and produce a clear sound.

12/24 volts DC
RJ45 _
IPTV servers