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Mues-Tec brings the digital future into all rooms: The home electronics specialist develops and markets unique, interactive mirror and cabinet door components, mirror TVs and TV sets suitable for damp rooms, which provide information and entertainment in private houses, business premises, public facilities and hotels . The specialty of all Mues Tec products is their intelligent functionality, which offers versatile configuration and application possibilities. While an individually configurable Android dashboard is part of the digital equipment of the Smart Spiegel and the intelligent kitchen Smart oven cabinet door, waterproof bathroom TVs and mirror televisions, which can be configured in a variety of sizes and designs, inspire as multi-talented infotainers. Thanks to the Internet connection, multimedia applications such as radio and television programs, videos, music and news can be accessed and controlled in all rooms; Smart mirror owners benefit from the app offer of the Google Playstore, its operation via touch panel or voice control and the possibility of connecting it to other smart home applications via WLAN or Bluetooth.


Mues-Tec has received multiple awards for innovation, design & exclusivity: With its product range, Mues-Tec is a technology-leading provider of intelligent, interactive mirrors and waterproof TV & comfort electronics for private and commercial purposes. This year the company was able to look forward to several prestigious awards for its intelligent mirrors : The PLUS X AWARD ”as“ Best Product of 2020 ”and three awards from the FAZ Institute and Focus Money for the most coveted product, best service and best customer advice. According to the 2020 market analysis for smart bathroom mirrors, Mues-Tec is one of the top players in the global market.


With many possible variations, Mues-Tec offers products for all areas of life: So how about a new, interactive mirror above the washbasin that not only assists with maintenance, but also lets the day start with the best entertainment and the latest information? Who tells you what the weather will be like today, which dates are coming up, which make-up suits today's look or whether the skin needs moisture? But also watch your favorite films in the bathtub, relax with music videos in the shower: with the bathroom TV, Mues-Tec offers the perfect entertainer for everyone who likes to watch TV in the bathroom. Its 12 volt operation and the corresponding protection class allow it to be used in all types of wet rooms . State-of-the-art technology prevents the display from fogging up and ensures perfect image and sound reproduction. When switched off, the mirror TV with integrated LED lighting makes both the TV unit and the LED strip disappear completely - a unique functional highlight in this product segment!


Or how about an elegantly mirrored kitchen cabinet door that not only conjures up favorite recipes from the online cookbook on the display, but also assists with Skype, accompanies life in the kitchen with favorite music and can be networked with smart kitchen appliances? Thanks to innovative Android technology, the Mues-Tec kitchen cabinet door becomes a digital kitchen assistant. With a tap of your finger or voice command, your favorite recipes and apps from the Google Playstore not only appear on your black-glazed high-bright display; Mona also offers connectivity to smart kitchen appliances via Bluetooth or WLAN . A built-in camera makes this possible Skype and chatting, the integrated microphone guarantees perfect voice control. Mona inspires with new recipes, provides brilliant entertainment via internet radio, TV & Co. and makes cooking and baking an event for friends and family. The kitchen cupboard can be used as usual - without losing any space.


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